Jobs & Economy

As a small businessman, Rob knows that small business drives our state’s economy. Rob knows first hand that the fastest way to create jobs is to reduce the size and scope of government, reduce regulatory red-tape and set free the entrepreneurial spirit of hard-working Iowans. To create jobs and grow the economy, businesses need a stable climate to plan for future growth and job creation. Rob will work tirelessly to promote Iowa’s workforce and to maintain Iowa’s status as a “Right to Work” state.

Taxes & Spending

Rob will focus on lower corporate income taxes & reducing commercial property taxes but work to prevent a shift of taxation on personal income taxes and personal property taxes. Dramatic state and federal deficits created by over-spending and one-time stimulus money have set our state and country up for precarious times. Government must learn to balance its books just like private enterprise is expected to do. Rob will battle to prevent state government from placing financial burdens on taxpayers at state, county, city and school districts. He is dedicated to reducing taxation, lowering spending and continuing the fight to restore fiscal sanity to the statehouse.


Rob firmly believes that the closer tax and spending issues are kept to communities, the better the decision. School districts and communities understand better than state and federal government where there are needs. Rob supports policies that empower parents and communities to make decisions at the local level so that we can again reach best in the nation status in our school system and prepare our children to compete in a global economy.

Personal Freedom

Rob believes that our founding fathers intended us to be free of many government regulations and requirements that we now face. Rob believes that government functions its best in a smaller, leaner form; and that states rights should preclude federal mandates. As a State Representative, Rob will fight for your constitutional rights.